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Dr Alasdair Foster – The Third Age of Photography

University of Brighton
Edward Street
Wednesday 17 October 2018

Where is Photography going? Aside from obvious technical developments, there are significant shifts in who makes a photograph and why.

These shifts in the production, dissemination and understanding of photography mean we must re-evaluate and re-conceptualise our ideas about what constitutes our public visual culture.

This event is facilitated by PIPPIT (Photography in Practice – Photography in Theory) the Photography Research Group of the University of Brighton, and by Photoworks

Dr Alasdair Foster was the founding director of Fotofeis, the award-winning international biennale of photo-based art in Scotland (1991–1997) and, more recently, director of the Australian Centre for Photography (1998–2011). He began his career in the documentary film industry working for Films of Scotland, a company initiated by the legendary John Grierson, before establishing a successful photographic business (1980-1990). His educational background is in photography, natural philosophy, history and film and he has worked as an artist, curator, writer, editor, researcher, policy advisor and commercial photographer.

University of Brighton, 154-155 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0JG
Lecture room 309

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Wednesday 17 October

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