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Situation and Seduction

Taken from Photoworks Annual issue 22, Lucy Soutter introduces us to the mini series Shadows in Paradise and its central character, Blondie.

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Photoworks Annual Issue 23: Open Call – Consumer Culture

In this commissioned article for Photoworks Annual, Diane Smyth provides context for the three selected folios and presents the very different, but equally critical, takes on the marketing fantasy of fashion photography.

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Ideas Series: Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015 Essay by Elinor Carucci

By Elinor Carucci

Elinor Carucci, photographer and Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015 Core Mentor to Matthew Finn, discusses Matthew’s complex relationship to his mother through his work.

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Ideas Series Essay: New Wave by Anna Fox & Felix Fox

By Anna & Felix Fox

An insight into the world of documentary photography for female photographers examines works from Chloe Dewe Mathews, Bieke Depoorter, Orande Mensink-Nouws and Marilene Ribeiro

From the archive

From the Archive: Five Desert Island Pics not to miss

At the beginning of 2016, we decided to take a look back at five of our previous talks from the archive.

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From Issue 22: Photography in Spare Rib

By Marsha Rowe

Spare Rib co-founder Marsha Rowe shares her thoughts on the formation and evolution of the magazine and the use of photography in raising the awareness of women’s roles in society.

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From Issue 22: Ha Ouch Ha Ouch Ha Ouch: On Women and Wit in Photography

By Max Houghton

Max Houghton weaves a historical and contemporary view through photograph and women photographers who use wit to disarm.

'04' from the series La Chute.  Denis Darzacq, 2005-2006.
From the archive

The Fall: Metaphor for a Generation in Collapse.

By Magali Jauffret

In the Autumn/Winter issue of Photoworks 2006/7, Magali Jauffret reviewed Denis Darzacq’s exhibition ‘The Fall’.

'Untitled' from the series Inside the View.  Helen Sear, 2009-2011.
From the archive

Helen Sear: Inside The View

By David Campany

In Photoworks Issue 5, David Campany looked at the multiple layers of Helen Sear’s work

'Bob Wiskin and Terry Davis' from the series Last One Out.  Richard Nicholson, 2006-2010.
From the archive

For Members only: Analog

By Tot Taylor

In Summer 2007, photographer Richard Nicholson decided to shoot images of professional darkrooms in and around London, developing an archive which formed the part of the exhibition ANALOG. Tot Taylor, for the Spring/Summer Issue of Photoworks 2012, reviewed the exhibition.

'Ready Mixed Concrete Ltd, Elland Road, summer 1977.  Peter Mitchell, 1977.
From the archive

From Issue 6: Rooted to the Spot?

By Peter Mitchell

In this essay from the Spring/Summer Issue of Photoworks 2006, Leeds based photographer Peter Mitchell described his personal journey through his fitful career and the motivations over the past 35 years.

Fortified Door  Jeff Wall.
From the archive

Tasks in Photography: Ian Jeffrey on Jeff Wall

By Ian Jeffrey

In the Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Photoworks, Ian Jeffrey reviewed the artwork of photographer Jeff Wall.

'Untitled' from series Exterior Others.  Claire Julia Hughes.
From the archive

From Issue 5: Exterior Others

By Benedict Burbridge

In the Autumn/Winter issue of Photoworks 2005/6, Ben Burbridge reviewed the photographer and ex-Brighton University student, Claire Julia Hughes’ exhibition, Exterior Others.

'Untitled' from series Open Shutters Iraq.  Eugenie Dolberg, 2006-7.
From the archive

From Issue 16: Open Shutters Iraq

By Bernadette Buckley

In this review from the October 2011 issue of Photoworks, Bernadette Buckley reviews the photobook by Eugenie Dolberg.

Still from 'White House', single channel widescreen projection.  David Claerbout, 2006.
From the archive

Ideas Series Interview: Gilane Tawadros

By Julian Stallabrass

In this exclusive interview for Photoworks magazine from Issue 7, Julian Stallabrass talks to Gilane Tawadros about ideas and motivations which shaped the 2006 edition of the Photo Biennial.

'Untitled' from the Series Terezín.  Daniel Blaufuks.
From the archive

From Issue 11: Terezín

By Benedict Burbridge

In this article from Issue 11, artist Daniel Blaufuks explains to Ben Burbridge how visiting the Nazi camp Theresienstadt informed his work.

Teddy Boy and Girl, Petticoat Lane. © Roger Mayne. 1961
From the archive

From Issue 6: Making History Final

By Mike Ricketts and Hope Kingsley

The exhibition Making History: Art and Documentary in Britain from 1929 to Now shown in 2006 at Tate Liverpool, claimed to ‘survey the impact of the documentary form on art and artists and vice versa’. In this review of the exhibition Mike Ricketts and Hope Kingsley considered this claim and looked for points of synthesis between art and the document in the show.

Richard Billingham, 'Tryptych of Ray, 1990. Photographs used as source material for paintings. Paint and graphite on black and white photographic prints.
From the archive

Richard Billingham

By Gordon MacDonald

In this interview from 2007 Gordon MacDonald talks to Billingham about his early career and his moves back to the snapshot aesthetic of his first, and most successful project, Ray’s a Laugh.

John Stezaker, Bird mask, woman , collage, black and white
From the archive

Precise Enigmas

By David Campany

In issue 8 of Photoworks magazine, David Campany looked at John Stezaker’s work.

Yuji Obata, Aaron Schuman, Wheel, Snow, White,
From the archive

Yuji Obata: Wintertale

By Aaron Schuman

In Photoworks issue 13, Aaron Schuman introduced Japanese photographer Yuji Obata’s project Wintertale

Paul Graham, car, shop, person, car park,
From the archive

A Shimmer of Possibility

By Martin Herbert

In Issue 9 of Photoworks magazine, art critic Martin Herbert looked at Paul Graham’s project a Shimmer of Possibility.

Nancy Spero, painting, colour
From the archive

Blood Lust

By Mignon Nixon

For issue 11 of Photoworks magazine, Mignon Nixon looked at Nancy Spero’s War Series of 1966-1970.

Anna Fox, Pictures of Linda, woman in coat, coat, curtain, yellow room, sunglasses
From the archive

Pictures of Linda

By Val Williams

In Issue 5 of Photoworks Val Williams looked at Anna Fox’s series Pictures of Linda.

man, Roland Barthes, black and white, pictures, desk
From the archive

The Great Unknown

By Geoffrey Batchen

One of the most famous photographs in the history of photography has never been seen by its many interlocutors.

John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, black and white
From the archive

In memory of John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins, 1937 – 2015

By John 'Hoppy' Hopkins

We were privileged to work with John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins as part of Brighton Photo Biennial 2012. Here we look back on issue 19 of Photoworks magazine where he called for acts of imagination in our resistance of tyranny.

Daido Moriyama, black and white, book,
From the archive

Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 70s

By Ivan Vartanian

In as much as a book publication is generally meant to be for all times, there is always the question of why now? Why publish Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and ‘70s now? What has it got to say about the current state of affairs in contemporary Japanese photography and photography in general?.

yellow, red text, boat, globale 07
From the archive

Image Migration

By Charles Heller

I provided the image in the poster for the 2007 Globale film festival in Berlin. It depicts burning boats, initially built by illegalised migrants hoping to reach the Canary Islands before being destroyed by the Moroccan police once they had captured them.

From the archive

Visible Republic: Robert Rauschenberg’s Combines

By David Chandler

Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns met for the first time one winter night in 1954 on the corner of Madison Avenue and Fifty-Seventh Street.