City Collective A HOUSE 2015 / Photoworks co-commission

City Collective begins with a photograph taken of staff on the balconies of Brighton’s Grand Hotel on the day it reopened after the 1984 bombing.

The Housekeeper’s Room, The Regency Town House Basement, 10 Regency Square, BN3 1EH
2 – 24 May
Wednesday – Sunday
Midday – 6pm


The project is a collaboration between filmmaker Abigail Norris, theatre director Maria Pattinson and an inter-generational group of Brighton & Hove residents who have collectively responded to questions relating to the HOUSE 2015 theme of Edge and Shift.

Together they have created two parallel films, presented as one installation in the domestic interior of the Housekeeper’s Room in The Regency Town House Basement.

© Yaz Norris. Workshop image from City Collective a Photoworks HOUSE 2015 co-commission

© Yaz Norris. Workshop image from City Collective a Photoworks HOUSE 2015 co-commission


What are the stories we tell about the moments of conflict that change us? Personal reflections on this and wider issues around unrest are represented in this co-commission. The work is in a sense a group portrait of city residents’ shifting thoughts and their feelings about conflict, both personal and political. Small stories can be big, and City Collective reminds us that such events, whether occurring in our home city or around the world, affect change in communities as much as in political legislation.

Abigail Norris is an artist filmmaker, whose work includes documentary film and art installation. Collaboration forms a central part of her practice. Maria Pattinson is a theatre director specialising in new writing and community engagement.

City Collective participants:
Raquel Boira-Boulding, Sadie Brown, Tony Hobson, Mary McGregor, Emily Morris, Josh White

Photoworks would like to thank Impact Initiatives and BHASVIC for their support in engaging Brighton residents young and old.