‘Cosmonaut undergoing a training on the TsF-7 centrifuge, Star City’, from the series Direction Space! © Maria Gruzdeva

Each issue of Photography+ explores a different theme. Issue #3 explores the relationship between photography and space, inspired by the hype around the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. The fascinating thing about space – and the moon in particular – is that apart from a handful of people who have experienced it first-hand, our perception of space is mediated by photography. We experience space entirely through still and moving images in a strange co-dependence. In the planning of Photography+Space we came across dozens of projects, both serious and comical, investigating space exploration and its associated activities. We have selected a few to publish here by René Burri, Raphaël Dallaporta, Léon Gimpel, Anka Gregorczyk, Maria Gruzdeva, Lauren Orchowski, Fabian Reimann and Igor Zieliński.