Performance Still: Circuit Training (exercises in self-doubt) at Show 2018; Royal College of Art, London. June 2018. Courtesy Ellie Smith.

#6 Perform

The latest edition of Photography+ investigates the relationship between photography and performance from a wide variety of perspectives, exploring when the presence of the camera turns an event into performance. Alexandra Davenport’s portfolio showcases work that traverses performance, photography, text and moving image. Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s work challenges the traditional formula of studio portraiture, interrogating established conventions of how representation performs in this arena. A longer form essay considers the staged images shot by Mohamed Bourouissa of les jeunes in 2018, actively and consciously filling a gap in art history. Another looks at the work of Arwed Messmer and how the action of the leftist ‘68 generation, when captured on film by the West German government, tells a different story to the one we may think we know. Each text thinks about the relationship between photography and performance (unless it doesn’t).