Explorers Project

not going shopping

Commissioned by Queer in Brighton, artist Anthony Luvera has collaborated with city residents to create photographs expressing personal perspectives on being queer in Brighton & Hove. The results are shown in a city-wide poster exhibition, free newspaper, online blog and a soft-back book.

Zed Nelson, Converted Hotel Room.

Rome Reflections

For the Photoworks British School at Rome Residency, Photoworks awarded Zed Nelson a research fellowship designed to encourage the development of a major project. Here, Zed reflects on his residency and the development of his latest work.

Installation image of Thomson & Craighead's October during the BPB12

Thomson & Craighead’s October

A single-channel version of October, originally commissioned by Photoworks as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial 2012, gets an online premiere here for the duration of a survey exhibition of Thomson & Craighead’s work showing at Carrol Fletcher, London.