Flemish Fields

Flemish Fields takes us on a tour of amateur and village football teams and their pitches.

This exhibition ran between 5th February – 18th March 2005

One of the highlights of the 2004 Rencontres De La Photo, Arles, Hans van der Meer‘s work is beautifully executed and extremely humorous. As the artist describes ‘just twenty-two players on a piece of land with a ball, no spectators, at the most a horse that looks up now and then to see what all the shouting is about.’

In the film Flemish Fields and the photographic series Keepers, van der Meer accurately describes the bathetic struggle between human ambition and the resulting achievement. We see ‘middle aged footballers falling over in front of the goal, mistiming tackles, getting injured and taking throw-ins under huge domed skies in immense flat landscapes dominated by the distant horizon.’ (David Winner, author of Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football, 2000)

Highly influenced by traditional Dutch landscape painting, the pictures are funny, moving and touchingly human.