• © Stuart Griffiths

  • © Jim Cooke, Marginal Plants of the River Thames, 2010

  • © Regine Petersen, North West Africa 5389, 2010

  • © Clarita Lulic, Seven Short One Long, 2010

  • © Vanessa Winship, Girl in a Golden Dress, 2010

  • © Anna Fox, Butlins, Family Break, 2010

National Media Museum Photography Awards 2010

We are delighted to partner the National Media Museum for the 2010 NMM Photography Awards.

The programme ran between 1st October 2010 – 1st July 2011

Following the success of the inaugural scheme in 2007, the National Media Museum has announced a fourth programme of Awards for photographic projects in partnership with Photoworks and five sponsors. The awards provide funds to talented photographers for the production of ongoing projects or a new body of work and provide support for them to develop and enhance their practice and profile.

Awards totaling £20,000 have been made to six artists: Jim Cooke, Anna Fox, Stuart Griffiths, Clarita Lulić, Regine Petersen and Vanessa Winship.

The Awards form part of our ongoing commitment to promoting the work of emerging and mid-career photographers. Photoworks will mentor the artists. We will publish a book of Stuart Griffiths’s work about Northern Ireland and are supporting Anna Fox to publish her recent work about Butlins.

The sponsors working in partnership with the Museum and Photoworks are: