Park Life

This project was created to coincide with Susan Trangmar's film A Play in Time, made in St Ann’s Well Gardens in Hove, and commissioned by Photoworks in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council.

St Ann’s Well Gardens is an important site in the history of early cinema, as it was owned by the Victorian film pioneer George Albert Smith, who invented many film editing techniques, such as the close up.

Photoworks worked with Year 3 at Somerhill Junior School, which is located opposite the park, and has an innovative programme entitled Park Life that introduces the curriculum to pupils in their first term at the school.

The educationalist Laura Thomas devised a series of workshops that added a photographic element to this programme for the first time. Pupils learned about the park’s importance in British film history; visited the film gallery at Hove Museum; experimented with photography, making sun prints in the park. They then made these short films in homage to George Albert Smith, taking inspiration from Susan Trangmar’s film.

This project ran between 1st September – 31st December 2008