Photography in the Community 2011

An ongoing project led by artist Annis Joslin with students from the University of Brighton enabling undergraduates to gain hands on experience of working in an educational setting supported by an artist.

This project ran between 1st October – 14th December 2011

Each year the project runs in a slightly different guise – with different partners or schools/colleges.

In Autumn 2011 Annis Joslin took undergraduates from a range of arts courses at the University of Brighton through a process collaborating in small groups to plan and deliver a one-day workshop for Year 3 pupils at Cottesmore St Mary’s Catholic School (Primary). The students used the work of photographer Daniel Meadows and the theme of ‘space & environment’ as a springboard for their workshop ideas.

Below is what Annis had to say about the process:

The students researched examples of different photography-based projects taking place in a range of settings and used them as stimulus for creating their own workshops. The group found inspiration in Daniel Meadows Digital Stories projects and as well as in the innovative project Kingsmead Eyes Speak by photographer Gideon Mendel.

Through a series of practical exercises they began to devise their own workshop, using their training sessions as a testing ground for their own ideas. The students – who are on a range of courses from Painting, Digital Music, Architecture and Art History, were encouraged to draw on their own practice and interests when creating their workshop ideas. The students decided to create a series of ‘workshop zones’ offering different creative activities using painting and photography, photography and performance, and drawing. Working with a different class in the morning and afternoon, the pupils would work in small groups and rotate through these zones. The pupils created some truly unique and inventive images during the workshop and this film contains some examples of the work created during the workshops.

We felt it might be interesting to link the workshops to ideas around ‘space and environment’ as the school was just about to embark on a consultation process for the development of the school building. All the children were really excited to be working with new processes and equipment, and new adults!

For me the workshops were a really valuable opportunity to see the children work alongside the artist and students, and for them to gain a greater insight into how adults work in a creative way. The activities were well matched to the needs of the children and were stimulating, original and great fun!

– Annis Joslin (Lead artist/facilitator)

And below are some further quotes from teachers and students:

The best thing about the workshops was that we got to work with all the students doing different activities. They were great fun and I learnt how photography can be used in lots of different ways and how you can change the pictures by painting and collaging on the top. The only thing I would change is that I would have longer to do the activities.

– Janette Cullen (Art Teacher)

I like all the different photos they showed us at the beginning of the workshops- some of them were really funny and some of them were a bit mad. They gave me lots of ideas.

– Abigail (Student)

The bit I liked best was when we painted over the black and white photos with acrylic paint to change the photos. You could kind of do lots of them and sort of experiment with the paint. I made the school really bright colours.

– Jamie (Student)

My favourite part of the workshops were making the soundscapes because I’d never done anything like that before and we were in charge about how we wanted it to turn out.

– Summer (Student)


Below you can watch a photographic and moving image work created during the workshops by Cottesmore pupils, in collaboration with students from the University of Brighton.