© Marguerite Horay

Photoworks festive commission by Marguerite Horay

We are thrilled to share our festive commission with you, celebrating the beginning of 2020 and of our 25th year.

To mark this moment and the change in seasons, Photoworks commissioned Marguerite Horay to create a new digital work.

Marguerite Horay is a visual artist born in Brussels in 1981. She obtained a BA in Digital Arts from ENSAV Brussels in 2007 and an MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent 2011. Marguerite’s works are expressed through various media and although she mainly focuses on collage, she also works on animated GIFs and videos. 

Her visual narratives are strongly influenced by the Belgian Surrealist movement. Painting is present in her research and she works on her collages with a wide base of reproduced paintings and digital manipulation of vintage photographs to reach different kinds of textures and finishes. The final result is at the crossroads of illustration, photography, and painting. 

She mainly works on deconstructed landscapes and has been exhibited in art fairs and festivals such as Unseen Amsterdam and Circulation(s) in Paris. Her work has also been widely seen in print. 

Marguerite is also part of the art collective Live Wild and is currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

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