Talks 2011: Stuart Griffiths and The Myth of The Airborne Warrior

Stuart Griffiths and Gordon MacDonald discuss the collaborative process behind the creation of Griffiths' first book, The Myth of The Airborne Warrior and explore wider issues around publishing photography.

Stationed as a partarooper in Northern Ireland in the late 1980s, Stuart Griffiths assembled an extraordinary archive of personal snapshots. This book presents these images with Griffiths’ first-person narrative describing his changing feelings towards his choice to become a soldier and the validity of the British Army’s position in the conflict.

The tracks of Gordon MacDonald’s editor’s pen remain visible throughout Griffiths’ text. The reader is shown how the editing process has highlighted the most shocking of Griffiths recollections – a purposefully reversed censor, deletes the innocuous and leaves the violent, unpleasant and disturbing untouched.

Introduced and chaired by Celia Davies, Head of Projects at Photoworks, this event is the second in a series of discussions exploring artists’ practice and process, offering an insight into artistic production within a changing cultural landscape

The book is available to purchase from our online Shop.

3.30-4.30pm, 22 October 2011
Impressions Gallery, Bradford

Places can be reserved via or 01274 737843

Part of the Ways of Looking festival