Thomson & Craighead’s October

A single-channel version of October, originally commissioned by Photoworks as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial 2012, gets an online premiere here for the duration of a survey exhibition of Thomson & Craighead's work showing at Carrol Fletcher, London.

from co-creator Jon Thomson:
“October is a documentary artwork about the early rise and fall of the Occupy movement. It is made entirely from information found on the worldwide web.

First and foremost, October is a portrait of a protest movement -one that rapidly propagated itself through its use of the Internet, replicating its own language, methods and behaviours around the world to encompass a diverse range of issues surrounding social and economic inequality. October focuses on two key events -the global day of action that took place on October 15th 2011, where Occupy Wall Street spread almost spontaneously to over 900 cities worldwide, and then a systematic crackdown on many of the camps that had emerged taking place from November 2011.

In making this work, we want to consider what it means to witness something that can only be apprehended, represented and documented through the mediated space of the Internet -the very same network that spawned Occupy as a global phenomenon in the first place.”


October was commissioned by Photoworks for Brighton Photo Biennial 2012

Thomson & Craighead Never Odd or Even shows at Carrol Letcher, London 24 May – 6 July 2013