TogetherAlone is about a day in the lives of a particular group of young people living in Brighton.

Artists Helen Cammock, Denis Doran and Rosie Holmes worked intensively with a small group of young people aged 13 – 18 over a four month period to discuss, explore and then creatively present ideas about conflict, conflict resolution, security and insecurity, and some of the powerful emotions and related personal experiences that inform their notions of boundaries and borders, both emotional and physical, which define their lives. As a result they created a short film called TogetherAlone.

TogetherAlone is written, performed and directed by the young people. It presents their own ideas and views, and reflects something of the challenges faced by young people today, described in their own way, creating a valuable opportunity for young people to inspire other young people to go out and make films of their own.

TogetherAlone is about a day in the lives of a particular group of young people living in Brighton. Sixteen year old Stacey is pregnant, but her boyfriend Jamie is more concerned with the pressures of his own situation.


The film can be used as a resource for post 16 teachers in the subject areas of Art & Design, Film Studies, Media Studies, Citizenship, Health & Social Care, and Humanities, and for youth workers and agencies delivering a range of support programmes for young people about emotional health, decision-making, sexual health, and literacy. The film is intended to inspire and provoke other young people by triggering creative and critical responses through debate, discussion and further creative activities.