© Amanda Jackson / FotoDocument

© Amanda Jackson / FotoDocument

Teachers: One Planet City – What makes a brilliant city?

A photopack for teaching about One Planet Living for Key Stage 2-3

A consortium of arts and environment organisations, including FotoDocument, BPEC, Bioregional and Photoworks have teamed up to produce a unique photo-based educational resource to help schools around the country benefit from lessons learned during one city’s journey towards sustainability.

One Planet City: What makes a brilliant city? is a photopack which brings to life the concept of ‘people living happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet’ through a series of fun and engaging activities which celebrate One Planet Living in the city of Brighton & Hove.

Humans consume natural resources and generate waste and pollution at too high a rate for the planet to cope with. If the world population lived like the average European there would need to be three planets to support us; if we all lived like the average North American there would need to be five! Yet, worldwide, more than a billion people get far less than a fair share of the planet’s resources and their basic needs are not met.

The One Planet Living sustainability framework, created by Bioregional, is underpinned by ten principles covering areas such as health and happiness, carbon and transport and local and sustainable food. In 2013, Brighton & Hove was accredited as the world’s first One Planet City, developing a Sustainability Action Plan with targets to enable residents to live well within a fairer share of the earth’s resources.

In 2014 ten professional photographers were commissioned by FotoDocument and Photoworks to produce photo essays about the work going on in the city. Launching for Brighton Photo Biennial in October 2014, their essays were displayed in public spaces around the city for ten months.

The photopack centres on the photography commissions and contains activities designed to help Key Stage 2 & 3 pupils around the country to learn about ‘One Planet Living’. Many of these activities can also be used with older age groups and non-school communities.

The activities are common to Development Education pedagogies and are designed to develop visual literacy skills through exploring sustainability, the challenges of creating sustainable cities and the concept of ‘city’.

The pack comes with a teaching guide, four sets of laminated photographs and a CD containing templates, instruction sheets, further photographs and captions.

Feedback from teachers: “Great discussion points, develops skills in questioning, cultural identity and evaluation” “Very visual, lots of activities and very relevant” “Loved the idea of linking the themes of One Planet Living to ideas in school”

Packs retail at £29.95 To find out more and to order your pack visit

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Amanda Jackson, Man, Black inflatable, One Planet City
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Selected and commissioned from an open call by FotoDocument, ten emerging and established photographers have created ten photo essays in response to each of the ten principles of One Planet Living, a sustainability framework created by Bioregional, and adopted by the city of Brighton & Hove.

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