© Alice Myers, From the series 'Nothing is Impossible Under the Sun'

Alice Myers shares her series 'Nothing is Impossible Under the Sun' for our Instagram Takeover as part of our issue #1 Europe.

For two years, Alice Myers traveled easily and often across the border to Calais, getting to know those who are trying to cross the border by hiding in lorries, those who smuggle them across, those who are claiming asylum in France and those with no legal status and no plans to leave.

Alice Myers works with photography, moving image and sound, engaging long-term with specific places and communities. She is interested in shared authorship and the interactions that surround the photographic moment, and is currently developing a new body of work around prisons in England and Scotland.

Awards include the Jerwood Award,  Ideastap/Magnum Award and Grants for the Arts. Her work has been exhibited at The Photographers Gallery (FF&WE), Impressions Gallery, BALTIC, The Magnum Print Room, CCA Celje (Slovenia), Breadfield and Meno31 Festival, and featured in Aesthetica, Portfolio and Guardian Weekend. Her book Nothing is Impossible Under the Sun was published by SOAP and shortlisted for the Mack First Book Award.

She teaches at the University of Cumbria and Edinburgh College of Art and is currently artist in residence at Abbeyhill Primary School.

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