Photoworks champions photography for everyone. We are an international platform, global in reach, and have provided opportunities for artists and audiences since 1995. We do not have a physical venue, but our online channels are always open. Our programme brings new experiences to audiences and opens up new ways to encounter photography.

Photoworks is a registered charity and the only organisation with a national remit for photography in England. Our work is supported by public funding through Arts Council England’s National Portfolio.

Photoworks is led by Shoair Mavlian, Director.


Photoworks champions photography. We are an international platform for artists and audiences, and a registered charity.


Photography for everyone.



We strive to be accessible both online and in real life. We are open to all, and everyone is welcome.


We share our knowledge to inspire others, and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to engage with photography.


We take our roles seriously. We care about everyone we work with and about the environments in which we create and operate.


We are honest and open and believe in a better, fairer sector for everyone.


Working with others to create, facilitate and advocate for photography is at the core of what we do.


Julia Bunnemann
Curator (full-time)

Juliette Buss
Learning & Engagement Consultant (part-time)

Ally Davies
Digital Producer (part-time)

Hannah Dunsmore
Digital Assistant (part time)

Nicola Jeffs
Head of Audience Development (part-time)

Shoair Mavlian
Director (full-time)

Margot Minnot Thomas
Learning & Engagement co-ordinator (part time)

Dina Mouhandes
Digital Producer – Maternity Cover (part-time)

Ricardo Reverón Blanco
Learning & Engagement co-ordinator (part time)

Raquel Villar-Pérez
Assistant Curator (full-time)


All our trustees contribute their time on a voluntary basis

Monica Allende


Richard Burton

Deputy Chair

Chris Condron


Paul Drewitt


David Knaus


Andy Simpkin



The Real Living Wage

We are a Real Living Wage employer and we regularly benchmark our salaries with other not-for-profit arts organisations. The annual salary of our highest-paid full-time member of staff is £40,000.

Freelance staff

We engage freelance workers on a project-by-project basis.

Volunteering and placements

Like many arts organisations, we regularly work with volunteers. Photoworks volunteers help to invigilate exhibitions and events, support learning projects and provide excellent experiences for our audiences. In addition, we occasionally offer longer-term, part-time placements in the Photoworks office to help volunteers to build skills in areas such as curation, digital content production and marketing. All our volunteer opportunities are designed to be fun and rewarding experiences with learning, networking and career development at their heart.

We recognise that volunteering is not an option for everyone. To attract the broadest field of candidates, it is our ambition to offer the Real Living Wage for all placements that last longer than two weeks from 2022. This ambition is part of our fundraising strategy.

Artists fees 

Without artists there is no content for our platforms and no work to display in our exhibitions. In line with our aim to provide opportunities for artists, we have drafted a system of minimum fees based on our current financial capabilities as a not-for-profit charity.

Fees stated are the minimum that we pay. We separately cover other costs, such as travel, production, transport and installation. We are always working to improve the fees that we can offer, and review our fees policy every year.

Some examples of the fees we offer include:

  • digital commission (new work) – £500
  • physical exhibition, group show (existing work) – £400
  • series of images for Photography+ (existing work) – £80
  • Instagram takeover – £80
  • images for Photoworks Annual – £50 single image, £20 per image when printed as a series
  • screening fee (existing work) – £100 for one-off screening
  • speakers fee – £100 up to one hour, £150 longer than one hour

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Become a Photoworks Friend

Becoming a Photoworks Friend is the only way to get first access to  Photography+. Join now and you’ll receive a range of year round exclusive content, opportunities, invites and 20% off in our online shop


Become a Photoworks Friend

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