Following on from Dancing in Peckham at Peckham 24, we invited Rebecca Salvadori and Lilian Nejatpour to take part in our Instagram photochats. As part of #2 Dance, photochats are conversations through images.

Rebecca Salvadori is a Italo-Australian, London-based video artist with a long experience of filming environments following a non-hierarchical/chronological layering and sequencing of audio to footage. Her film work, including ambiguous short documentaries, artists’ portraits, music videos and non-synced live visuals, is both highly personal and wilfully elusive. Rather than following a classic, linear narrative, these take the form of visual compositions built through chance, association and repetition. Throughout the years, Salvadori has accumulated an extensive video archive from which she creates assemblages. This acts as the basis for filmic portraits of moments, people and environments.

Salvadori has exhibited her audio/visual work at venues and festivals such as НИИ niimoscow Science & Art (RUS), Macro Museum of Contemporary Art (IT), Barbican Art Center (UK), Festival of Film and Animation Olomouc (CZ), Festival IMAGES (CH), Crosstalk video art Festival (HU), David Lynch’s Silencio (FR), SCHNUCK­ Glaspalais (NL), Sophiensaele Theatre (DE), Future Everything Festival Manchester (UK), III Point Festival Miami (US), No Bounds Festival x Warp Records (UK), Cafe Oto (UK).

© Rebecca Salvadori

Lilian Nejatpour is a British Iranian artist who shifts between making sculptural forms and sound structures. She often investigates displacement and duality through unique settings and experiences. With influences from ceremonial practices taken from Southern Iran and her northern background in bassline music from Bradford, much of her work is a hybridity between performance, sound and installation.

Her recent works ‘Choreophobia’ and ‘Foreign Sleep’ are rich in socio-political complexities from her own background, combining sound and theory to develop sculptures of bodies that resist and overlap in response to her own geographical displacement, sampling movements from northern bassline club culture and juxtaposing against gestures associated with the now-banned Iranian solo improvised dance.

Nejatpour’s practice investigates sonic displacements from her dual nationality, exploring various cultural tropes in sound that fail to fit into a “stable system of reference or historical memory”.

Recent shows include: Foreign Sleep performed at Bath Spa University and Strangelove Festival (2019) Choreophobia performed at Somerset House (2018), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2018) and Chisenhale Studios (2018).

© Lilian Nejatpour, from the series, ‘Foreign Sleep’, photographed by Dimitri Djuric


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This is documentation of performance ‘Foreign Sleep’ taken by photographer @dimitri_djuric. Foreign Sleep investigates the absence of women from ceremonial practices in Sufi Islam. The work underpins women that are left out from these religious ceremonies and challenges this power dynamic through movement and sound. ⁣ The performance is a rewriting of female enlightenment, which samples various rituals that take place in Sufism including Zikr (meditative chanting) Muharram (self-flagellation) and Varzesh-e Pahlavāni (male wrestling). ⁣ ⁣ In collaboration with dancers Eva Escrich González (@eva_escrich1234 ), Lauren Stewart (@laurenestewart_ ) and contemporary pianist Mahsa Salali (@mahsasalalipiano). Post by @lillynejat_ #photoworks_uk #photochat #instagramtakover @rebeccasalvadori

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