Asylum in the City Workshop. Photo: Alice Myers

Asylum in the City Workshop. Photo: Alice Myers

Do you have personal experience of migration or displacement, and a story to tell? Our Asylum in the City project is collecting words and images through a Tumblr blog.

Asylum in the City: Throughout April 2014  photographer Alice Myers worked with SIS Community Interpreters and others who have migrated to Brighton & Hove exploring their different perspectives for an exhibition as part of HOUSE2014.

Through a series of workshops Alice and the group explored the significance of objects, discussed language and culture, went on a photographic treasure hunt, and shared personal experiences. The exhibition showing at The Regency Townhouse in Brighton during May, presents their photographs, objects, and some of those conversations.

Now we’re looking for participants for the next phase of the project.

Do you have personal experience of migration or displacement? We’re looking for contributors both from Brighton & Hove and beyond. If you have a story to tell your photos films and words are welcomed on our Tumblr blog where you can explore other submissions too. We welcome contributions from anywhere in the world from experienced photographers or people with no experience behind a camera at all.


Visit the Asylum in the City Tumblr Blog

This project, Asylum in the City, has been developed by Photoworks for HOUSE 2014 in partnership with Sussex Interpreting Services who work with refugees, providing language support for non-English speakers and assist people in difficult situations.

The interpreters themselves have first hand experience of immigration are now more settled in the UK. Their perspective, as well as those of more recent migrants to the city will be represented in the exhibition.

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