Elijah Ndoumbe is our November Digital Artist in Residence. Discover the work of Elijah here and keep an eye out for more to come this month! 

Code Switching is a continuation of work begun by Elijah Ndoumbe and Maëlle Chabrillat Eboumbou in 2022, where they combined ritual and performance with photography. Both artists are of French-Cameroonian origin, and their practices are rooted in the impalpable, experimentation and intuition. Through performance, sculpture, costume design and photography, they set out to explore ancestral roots in transit. Their work lies at the intersection of research, improvisation and play. The latter is rooted in the documentation and understanding of marginalized identities outside a Western hegemonic framework.

The Coffee Shop as Queer Salon, Parts I & II, and Portraits (2017-present) is a photographic and visual exploration that seeks to honor both a historical legacy and current moment of queer bodies within the context of the politics of space – in this case, the coffee shop space. These images are from Portraits from the Salon taken during the queer art prize exhibit Prix Utopie in May of 2023 at the Magasin Généraux.

Flower Child x Maroga Collab is a series of images made with South African artist, poet, performer, and embodied practitioner Kopano Maroga for their debut poetry collection “Jesus Thesis and other Critical Fabulations.” Exhibited at the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg & UCT Hiddingh ‘It’s Rude to Stare’ (Group Shows). A surreal exploration of gender, queerness, and faith.

Prophesying Ghosts is a meditation on movement within and through the bodies of the African diaspora as a gateway to reshaping the remnants of photography’s colonial history.

Smoke Signals (A Quiet Song) is a multi-disciplinary archival project centering on transgender and queer identifying Sex Workers in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Try A Little Tenderness is a visual exploration into the world of individuals existing on the spectrum of (perceived) trans-masculine and nonbinary identities of color. 

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