Brigida Mendes

Fearsome Symmetries

Brigida Mendes work proposes ‘a sort of comic invocation of the image as pure representation and also as an allusion to the world as a space where real and representation tend to be the same.’

Mendes recent work has all been planned in London, shot in Portugal and printed in London. In Series 05/2, the sitter/s are her own family (her mother, her mother’s twin sister and–work out where–her own sister), the locations were all set up in her grandfather’s living room, at his now abandoned house, near her mother’s house.

‘With the 05/2 series piece I wanted to test the viewer by creating an image between the illusory and the real, in a way trying to deceive in another way leaving visible the traces of the illusion and a sense of revelation. Both images recreate in real space two photographic techniques based on the manipulation of the same photographic negative printed twice in each image.’

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Published in Photoworks Issue 7, 2006

Commissioned by Photoworks

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