© Marguerite Horay, 2019.

Every year, we commission a photographer or lens-based artist to produce a seasonal greeting card to welcome the new year. This commission is an opportunity for artists to submit playful, festive images to our global audience.

These are the Festive Commissions created over the past couple of years.


© Zhidong Zhang, 2020.

Zhidong Zang marked the end of the 25th anniversary year of Photoworks.

For the festive commission, Chinese born Zhang created three black and white still lifes to focus on precious objects from his new home in Boston. Memorabilia that spark a comforting and even therapeutic aspect. He chose to have them corresponding with pieces that add sensitivity, like freshly picked flowers or fluttering candles, to the place we were forced to spend so much time in this year – our home. Hence, the images also indicate a longing for freedom, both physically and mentally.

Zhidong Zhang (b.1996) is a visual artist based in Boston. He holds a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Central South University in Changsha, Hunan and an MFA in photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.



© Marguerite Horay, 2019.

To celebrate the beginning of 2020 and the change in seasons, Photoworks commissioned Marguerite Horay to create a new digital work.

Horay is a visual artist born in Brussels in 1981. She obtained a BA in Digital Arts from ENSAV Brussels in 2007 and an MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent 2011. Her visual narratives are strongly influenced by the Belgian Surrealist movement. Painting is present in her research and she works on her collages with a wide base of reproduced paintings and digital manipulation of vintage photographs to reach different kinds of textures and finishes. The final result is at the crossroads of illustration, photography, and painting.

Marguerite Horay is also part of the art collective Live Wild and is currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

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