Ideas Series: In-Conversation: Jason Evans and Aaron Schuman

From its outset, the Internet promised a new freedom for photography, providing a space outside the conventional outlets of galleries, books and magazines

Here Jason Evans and Aaron Schuman discuss the impact of the web upon photographic production and dissemination, and whether or not these promises have been fulfilled.

Aaron Schuman Firstly, when and why did you establish The Daily Nice?

Jason Evans The Daily Nice went live at the end of October 2004. I’m the kind of photographer that likes to take a lot of pictures—I don’t necessarily think about pictures before I make them—and today, there are fewer forums for photographers who work this way. It is an unfashionable kind of photography at the moment, but at the time the internet seemed to offer an opportunity to make my own, different platform. Also, 2004 wasn’t a particularly happy time in the world, but I believe in positive affirmations. I believe that if you look for good you’ll find good. We’re surrounded by a Media that keeps us scared, so the title of the site is a play on The Daily Mail. And finally, I’ve had various issues with depression in my life, and I’ve found that it’s good therapy for me to walk around with a positive mental agenda, with the camera reminding me to look for good things.

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Published in Photoworks Issue 12, 2009
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