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Instagram takeover: Alexander Mourant

We welcome photographer Alexander Mourant to our Instagram takeover, October 2017.

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Alexander Mourant was born in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1994. Having studied at Bryanston School he progressed to BA (Hons) Photography at Falmouth University, graduating with First Class Honours in July 2017. He has previously worked as an intern for Simon Roberts and Nadav Kander. His work has been featured online with The British Journal of Photography, AINT-BAD, Virgin, Pylot Magazine and TRIP Magazine. Alexander has also exhibited a variety of work, most notably with CCA Galleries, Mall Galleries and in a duo show with Andy Hughes RCA held at the Royal Geographical Society in London, May – June 2017.

Alexander Mourant’s practice is focused on ideas of experience, space and the metaphysical. His work is often influenced from literature and the land art movement. However, the most crucial part of his process stems from experience — with photography as a tool — his practice probes and decodes the nature of this enigma. The work, both bold and unusual in colour exists paradoxically; the photographs construct an imagined or subjective view of space whilst in their creativity they attempt to deconstruct, for the viewers and himself, the nature of experiential stimulation. Through the photograph we can question everything that surrounds us, we can elevate the most banal occurrences in everyday life to create a metaphor of our existence.

Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/photoworks_uk

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