Image courtesy of the artist, 2016.

Instagram takeover: Cameron Alexander

Photographer, Cameron Alexander, featured in the Photoworks Annual 2016, becomes our guest editor for our Instagram account, August 2016.

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Cameron Alexander is a photographer specialising in Documentary, Fashion and Portraiture. Cameron has exhibited in London, Paris and Sydney and has been commissioned by the likes of Vauxhall, Tods, Topman, Universal Music Group, Net-A-Porter and more. His work has reached the pages of many magazines including Dazed, i-D, HERO, Another Man, Clash, Vice, Q and more.

He was one of 10 emerging artists nominated for the G-Shock Fashion Award and he has had features and interviews in Topman, Dazed and Shortlist Magazine.

Good afternoon all, this is @cameronalexanderstudio taking over the @photoworks_uk account for this week! Sorry for the delay on my posts today, I'm decorating my house and covered in paint. This image is of my uncle Alfie. I shot this on Christmas Day 2011. You can see he has bruises and scratches, these are from being attacked and beaten the day before I shot this. All because he refused to give some youngsters a cigarette. This image is taken from a body of work I have been making since 2007 called "Sugar Town". The project showcases my family and the people and places that make up the town I grew up in. I was born in Crewe, a railway town in the North West of England. I've always been visually enamoured by my hometown and so this project is still something I shoot for every time I visit! #sugartown #photography #BPB16 #instagramtakeover #cameronalexander

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Cameron lives and works in London with his partner Lewis who features heavily in his work. They have a lurcher named Sid who also features.

Trevor under the motorway. I shot this image on probably one of the hottest days I can ever remember. We went out exploring and managed to make our way under the motorway down a gap through the gate. I took this image of us running back past the motorway as we were spotted on some private land across the way. I didn't realise at the time of shooting this that i managed to perfectly time Trevor in front of the sunlight beaming ahead so I was super happy when I scanned it through and found this! This image is a pretty perfect representation of what my visual diary is about, the everyday and the other day. This is @cameronalexanderstudio taking over and guest editing the @photoworks_uk account for the week. #cameronalexanderdiary #cameronalexander #instagramtakeover #BPB16 #photography

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