Taking breath © Chloe Sells

Instagram takeover: Chloe Sells

Chloe Sells becomes our next guest editor for our Instagram Takeover. Sells was born in Aspen, Colorado and began photographing in 1993.

She attended the Rhode Island School of Design and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. She completed her Masters in Fine Art from Central St. Martins London. Her work has been exhibited internationally in multiple solo and group exhibitions. She has created two acclaimed books, SWAMP (2016) and Flamingo (2017), both published by GOST. She currently lives between her darkroom in London and her home in Maun, Botswana.

Chloe photographs with a Contax 645 and Linhof 4×5. She still uses film and prints all of her work in the darkroom, by hand. Each of her works is a unique C-type print, using conventional negatives overlaid with abstract colour, light, texture and patterns in the darkroom. In some instances, after printing, she draws into the surface of her photographs with paint, ink and marker.

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