© Chris Rhodes, Untitled, Texas, USA 2019.

 Our next Instagram takeover comes from Chris Rhodes, a fine art photographer from Macclesfield, England.

He graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in photography at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008. Shortly after graduating he moved to London, where he lives and works. After assisting various renowned photographers he is now able to focus on his own photographic practice. His work reflects on our daily landscape and its trivial qualities, photographing his surroundings instinctively and extensively. Chris also regularly collaborates with hi end luxury bands and art and fashion publications worldwide. 

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@chris.rhodes for photoworks.

Mississippi, USA, 2016. This is my last post for photoworks. Thank you for looking. I share with you an extract from the Fernando Pessoa poem that features in my new book ‘HOTEL MERMAID CLUB’. Published by @rvb_books. “Sometimes, on days of perfect and exact light, When things are as real as they can possibly be, I slowly ask myself Why I even bother to attribute Beauty to things. Does a flower really have beauty? Does a fruit really have beauty? No: they have only colour and form And existence. Beauty is the name of something that doesn’t exist But that I give to things in exchange for the pleasure they give me. It means nothing. So why do I say about things: they’re beautiful? Yes, even I, who live only off living, Am unwittingly visited by the lies of men Concerning things, Concerning things that simply exist. How hard to be just what we are and see nothing but the visible!" 11 March 1914. — Hotel Mermaid Club is currently on show at @webber_gallery, London – until the 20th of December 2019. #chris rhodes #photoworks_uk

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