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We welcome Freddy Griffiths to our Instagram takeover this week. Freddy is our current artist in residence for the Photoworks and Ampersand Residency 2020. He'll spend the week sharing his working process and images from his personal archive.

Griffiths’s photographic practice is centred around the ongoing cultivation of a personal archive, compromised of both his own photographs and other diverse found imagery. The primary function of this archive is to explore new narrative scenarios for the viewing of physical photographs. Recently this has led to a number of site specific architectural installations, utilising purpose made tables, containers and lighting.

His interests in this area have been led by a spatial concept of photographic knowledge, using fictionalised and misleading elements to decide on edits for exhibition. Griffiths is exploring chance outcomes through audience participation as a means of furthering future iterations of the archive.


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Good morning @freddy.griffiths here for my @photoworks_uk takeover. When I decided to establish an archive as a means of categorizing my own photographs, I moved away from producing defined bodies of work. I merged all my previous distinct projects into one amorphous collection, together with found images and categorised everything only by date, place of origin and a specific accession number. A primary motivation for doing this was to break the connection between each photograph and the circumstances of its inception. By this I specifically mean what the photograph references in reality and the methodology by which it was made. I have many types of photograph in my archive. The cyanotype and tintype pictured are two of the oldest examples. – Images: 2020,0225,DYS and 2016,0423,DYS #photoworks_uk #freddygriffiths #instagramtakeover

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