Image courtesy of the artist © Jack Carvosso

Photographer Jack Carvosso becomes our next guest editor on our Instagram takeover, September 2017.

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Jack Carvosso’s practice engages with photography, sculpture, and performance as platforms to speak about human experience, constructed memory, and reality. The act of play is often involved as an approach to making work, along with drawing influences from theatre and cinema as forms that help illustrate our understanding of the world.

Carvosso focuses on an idea termed the ‘break’: a moment that emerges seemingly out of nowhere to interrupt the usual flow of things. A break is often seen in his practice, whether it’s a bullet rupture through a photograph or a break of character in a performance, and is used to discuss the boundaries of the image, the finitude of existence, and our perception of reality.

He is currently based in London on the MA Photography course at the Royal College of Art.

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