Photographer, Jocelyn Allen shows us past series and new projects, during her Instagram takeover, April 2016.

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She joins a list of guest editors including Cristina de Middel, Lorenzo Vitturi, Natasha CaruanaAlma HaserFederica Chiochetti and many more.

Jocelyn Allen (b.1988 Birmingham, UK) is an artist who mainly works with photography, video and performance. She primarily uses herself within her work, whilst exploring the themes of representation, self-esteem, anxiety and identity.

@jocelynfreya (Jocelyn Allen) here. This is my last post for @photoworks_uk’s Instagram. Thanks for having me! One last photo from my work-in-progress project Neblina, 2015-2016 (see 2 previous posts). This is ‘If someone ever asks me what I am doing I’d like to ask to photograph them (8th December 2015)’. When I first started the project I was writing down everything that made me anxious, but I had to stop as I found that a lot of things did that I hadn’t realised before so it was making me feel worse. I’ve been learning Portuguese for over a year now (mas eu sou muito má) and a month or so into the project the word neblina came up in one of my exercises. It means ‘light fog’, which I thought fitted how my anxiety feels in my head. The drawings have started to become more time consuming lately so I’m not sure when the series will be completed, but hopefully soon! Thanks for following along on my takeover! #photoworks_uk #jocelynallen #instagramtakeover #selfportraiture #selfportrait

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Allen has a BA in Photographic Art from the University of Wales, Newport (2007-2010) and an MA in Photography from the London College of Communication (2013-2014).

In 2015 she exhibited work in FreshFaced+WildEyed at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, at the Pingyao International Photography Festival, China and had photography and video work at the British Council in Delhi, India.

Other career highlights include self-publishing a book (Reality of Youth Going Backwards in Vain, 2013), having a two person show at Photofusion, London (2013), making a new project (One Is Not Like The Other) for Guernsey Photography Festival 2011 and being one of the chosen artists to represent the UK in the 2011 Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.

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