Nathan Seabrook, becomes our next guest editor for our Instagram takeover, March 2017.

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I was first introduced to professional photography by music photographer Fin Costello in the mid 2000’s. After moving from Brighton to London I continued to work with Fin whilst building my own portfolio . During that time I worked at the National Theatre, first as a stagehand and then as a lighting technician.

I spent the next 6 years working alongside some of the best lighting designers and stage talent in the world, building large scale productions whilst shooting freelance photography assignments. This is an experience that has stayed with me throughout my whole career.

In 2010 I moved to San Francisco, CA and relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 . These cultural hubs convenient proximity to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world serve as a constant source of inspiration. I regularly go back to the UK on assignment or with friends and family.

I’m interested in exploring the relationship between subject and surrounding in a cinematic and sculptural way. My photographs occupy a space somewhere between reality and fiction, with a hint of light-suffused nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

My photographs have been published in The Sunday Times, Guardian, The Telegraph, Mojo , Aesthetica and more.

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Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/photoworks_uk

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