© Sian Davey, from the series 'Looking for Alice'

Photographer, Sian Davey, author of 'Looking for Alice', took over our Instagram account during March, 2016.

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She joins a list of guest editors including Lorenzo Vitturi, Natasha Caruana, Alma Haser and Federica Chiochetti.

@siandavey1 here taking over the photoworks_uk and here’s my last picture of the week!

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Sian Davey is a photographer with a background in Fine Art and Social Policy. She has run a private psychotherapy practice for the past 15 years. Her work is an exploration of the psychological social and political landscapes of both herself and those around her.

@siandavey1 here taking over the photoworks_uk feed this week. From the series ‘Martha’.

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She has recently published her first book Looking for Alice with Trolley Books.

@siandavey1 taking over the @photoworks_uk feed for the coming week. I’ll be sharing with you a couple of projects beginning with Looking for Alice which i completed last year and was recently published with the lovely Hannah Watson @trolleybooks. These photographs that make up this series explore the entwined narratives of both my relationship with my daughter and societies prevailing attitudes towards young people with Down Syndrome. Upon finding out that 93% of children with Down Syndrome are terminated following screening fuelled the project ignited me further to make this body of work. From the onset i was clear what references i need to communicate but wasn’t sure how the medium of photography was going to enable that. I stopped thinking and began the process of photographing mine and Alice’s world.. This one is called ‘Hairdresser’.

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For more of Sian’s work click here.

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