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    Jason Evans Chandigahr

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    Jason Evans Atlanta

Jason Evans: Meanwhile on the Other Side of Town

Not so long ago street photography was regarded as the essence of the medium. Modelled on the ‘decisive moment’ it was an art informel, conjuring minor epiphanies from the flow of the everyday.

In the recent move to self-conscious high art, the genre has been remade by theatrics and cinematics. The photographer-observer has been overshadowed by the photographer-director. Where the street was once a fluid space for the photographer’s “dynamic of anticipatory framing”, it has become a stage for grand enactments.

Jason Evans retains that older position of the lone photographer-observer. At the same time, he adds the lightest of director’s touches. Fruit has been plucked and placed in each scene.

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Published in Photoworks Issue 2, 2004
Commissioned by Photoworks

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