Does your school champion the arts and strive for excellence? If so it could be eligible for an Artsmark award.

Artsmark is awarded by Arts Council England to schools and education settings who actively champion arts and culture. It is based on the belief that every child should have the opportunity to create, compose, and perform, gain knowledge and understanding, and to visit, experience and participate in extraordinary work.

Fast Art workshop with Sophie Giblin at BACA, Art at Work programme

Artsmark will enable your school to:

  • Gain access to exceptional resources as well as networks of the country’s most treasured cultural organisations
  • Enrich, develop and strengthen your arts and culture provision
  • Bring arts and culture to life
  • Provide evidence of how you are meeting the social, moral, cultural and spiritual requirements for Ofsted
  • Celebrate your strengths and help achieve ambitions for the future
  • Enrich your curriculum with the arts
  • Incorporate art and culture into every student’s life and learning, knowledge and understanding

Photoworks is one of a number of arts organisations who can help your school achieve the Artsmark award. To find out more about the award and how to apply visit the Artsmark website here.


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