A simple version of a pinhole camera ideal for working in pairs.

Resource by Elizabeth Doak.

Step 1: You will need...

Two pieces of black A4 card, a ruler, pencil, double sided tape, Sellotape, a sheet of tin foil, tracing paper, and a pin.

Step 2: Take the black card

Measure from the shortest side a line that is 70 mm in from the edge on one piece of card, and then 85mm in from the edge on the other.  Add double sided tape along each line.

Step 3: Make two tubes

Roll the card up, sealing the edges together with the tape. Now you should have two tubes. One should be able to fit snugly inside the other.

Step 4: Cut out two circles

Find something round to draw round that is bigger than the end of the tubes. Cut out one circle from tin foil and one from tracing paper.

Step 5: Make your screen

Tape the tracing paper in place over the end of the smaller tube, keeping the tracing paper taut and the tube circular (placing a bottle inside the tube can help).

Step 6: Attach the tin foil

Repeat the process with the tin foil on the larger tube. Try to keep the tube round and the foil flat across the top.

Step 7: Make your pinhole

Make a tiny hole in the middle of the tin foil using a pin – take care not to make the pinhole too large.

Step 8: Assemble your camera

Push the smaller tube with the tracing paper into the larger tube with the foil – like a telescope that you can put your eye to.  Slide the tube in and out to focus.

Step 9: Look at something bright!

Notice that the image appears upside down and back to front! Block outside light by cupping your hands around the tube, or put a blanket over your head. Use a Smartphone to take photographs of your image.


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