© Diana Tamane, from the series Half-Love, 2010-ongoing

Photoworks are happy to announce Half-Love, a solo exhibition by Latvian artist Diana Tamane. Presented in partnership with Tartu Kunstimuuseum Art Museum, Estonia, and featuring over 60 new works the exhibition is open to the public from 18 June – 16 October 2022.

The solo exhibition Half-Love explores the relationship between the artist Diana Tamane and her younger half-sister Elina. Beginning in 2008, the year of her sister’s birth, Tamane began taking photos of their shared time together. This ongoing project, when viewed in retrospect, traces the life of Elina, from birth to the spring of 2022. The project is centered around the family’s summer house in Vārzas, Latvia. A place of deep significance for the artist, she returns to Kursīši each year to spend the summer with family, including her sister.

For Tamane, the project and the process are both an observation and a love letter, a chance to give advice and to relive some of her own childhood experiences from a different perspective, all in a location which is sacred and familiar. This ongoing willingness of Elina to participate in the collaboration is testament to the close bond between the two sisters.

Diana Tamane was born in Latvia in 1986; she lives and works in Tartu, Estonia.

This project is in partnership with Tartu Kunstimuusum Art Museum, Estonia and Photoworks.

Exhibition dates 18 June – 16 October 2022.


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