© Ibrahim Azab, PW_DSF0106-Edit.tif, 2020.

We commissioned Ibrahim Azab to create a new series of images to mark our 25th Anniversary. If you are on our mailing list or follow us on our social media platforms, you will have seen this first a little earlier in the week.

PW)_H3RE N0W)//_SINCE TH3N has been made using old Photoworks Annuals and reimagines some of the imagery in our magazine archive. 

Work by Azab also appears in Photoworks Annual 26, which will be available very soon. This forthcoming magazine, guest edited by Jamila Prowse, also takes our anniversary year and the Photoworks archive as a starting point to explore new narratives.

Azab said, “The short series of works observes and dismantles the archive of Photoworks Annuals whilst reconstructing new and imagined images. Made by using digital and physical image editing processes, the work highlights the distribution of popular image culture and how we understand the world through image making, dreaming and destruction. Significantly, the work represents a critical but celebrated view on the past, present and future of  art, photography and publishing.” 

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