Permeate Meeting 2011

On Thursday 7 July 2011, the current Permeate contributors came together to meet, share experiences and discuss project development thus far.

It was really nice meeting the Permeate Advisory Group, partners and the interns over lunch and finding out more about their individual roles and responsibilities in their respective organizations, as well as talking about Permeate.

Angela Carter (Permeate intern at Creative Future) and I had met before – we both are half way through our internship – so it was great to meet other interns and talk about our collective experiences. I had been feeling disconnected from the scheme as there hadn’t been that much activity, but now that it’s gaining momentum, it feels tangible and progressive.

The current interns are keen to be proactive and productive so the learning outcome is informed and multifaceted. Our initial action is to get together informally (in person and via social media) to network and chat about Permeate and what it means to all concerned. Our aim is to share experience and opportunities, discuss and develop key issues for the benefit of others whether they are actively engaged in this scheme or interested in issues raised by the Permeate programme.

Click here for further information about Permeate and its contributors including partners, interns and advisory group.


Published on 29 July 2011
Written by Ratna Jan Bibi

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