Tim Mills. © Piotr Sell

Between 2021 and 2024, nine artists, selected via open call, undertook residencies at six high street HAZ locations across England. Resident artists in Bristol, Chester, Coventry, Leicester, Prescot, Stoke-on-Trent and London engaged with local communities to co-create snapshots of how the high street is used and who it is used by. They successfully ran 170 workshops across 8 towns and cities, with over 1200 participants.  

The result was 10 public exhibitions that reached an audience of over 54,000 people. Their images have also entered the Historic England Archive which will act as a time capsule of 2021-24 to document what communities are proud of in their towns, and the local customs and traditions linked to the high street in different parts of the country.  

Learn more about the artists in residence projects including exhibitions and activities that are current running as part of the Picturing High Streets legacy programme: 

Suzanne St Clare, Chester 

During a 2-year residency, photographer Suzanne St Clare worked with independent business owners from the Rows in Chester, north-west England. 

© Suzanne St Clare. Historic England archive.

Ciara Leeming, Chester 

People who attend a Mental Health Crisis Space reimagined Chester’s historic city centre using archive images and collaging processes. 

© Aquilino Moreno. Historic England archive.

Tim Mills, Coventry 

For 12 months, Tim Mills was photographer in residence in Coventry. Tim worked with local communities to create a contemporary response to The Burges. 

As part of the 2024 PHS legacy commission, Tim is exhibiting the outcomes of his residency at Coventry Transport Museum, open until 3 November 2024. For more information and tickets, visit the museum website.

© Tim Mills. Historic England archive.

Ayesha Jones, Coventry 

Ayesha Jones documents the stories behind Coventry Market businesses and the impact of modern developments on their livelihoods. 

© Ayesha Jones. Historic England archive.

Khatun, Leicester 

Khatun collaborated with cultural partners and diverse communities in Church Gate and Granby Street. She also collaborated closely with Jamila’s Legacy, a mental health organisation.

As part of the 2024 PHS legacy commission, Khatun ran three final sessions with the Jamelia’s Legacy participants to create a textile banner which builds on the sessions already delivered and maps their memories, and relationships to Leicester. The banners will be exhibited in June, in partnership with Darby Quad. 

© Khatun. Historic England archive.

Tony Mallon, Prescot 

Photographic artist Tony Mallon spent 2 years working with Prescot residents to create a contemporary portrait of the area. 

As part of 2024 legacy activity, Tony supported the development of the Prescot Photography Club, who’s work can be viewed on Instagram via @prescotphotographyclub, with a website to follow in 2024.   

© Tony Mallon. Historic England archive.

Lucy Hunter, Prescot 

In 2022, Lucy Hunter and students from Prescot Primary School explored their local area with a key focus on portraiture, high street and exploration. 

Natalie Willat, Stoke-on-Trent 

For 2 years, Natalie Willatt recorded lives and communities behind closed doors, often hidden from the quiet and neglected high street. 

As part of 2024 legacy activity, Natalie has developed workshops, a photo book, and community printed editions that share and archive the work created over the last three-years. The book will be available in Summer 2024. 

© Natalie Willatt. Historic England archive.

Rehan Jamil, Tower Hamlets 

Rehan Jamil worked with residents, shopkeepers, and Tiger Class at Canon Barnett Primary School to co-produce a body of work on Tower Hamlets, London. 

© Rehan Jamil. Historic England archive.

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