'Ready Mixed Concrete Ltd, Elland Road, summer 1977.  Peter Mitchell, 1977.

From Issue 6: Rooted to the Spot?

In this essay from the Spring/Summer Issue of Photoworks 2006, Leeds based photographer Peter Mitchell described his personal journey through his fitful career and the motivations over the past 35 years.

I’ve always felt easy about towns, always loved architecture. Leeds is the city where I’ve ended up and it’s now where I’m from. It’s where most of my photographs are from and where they are still produced and today I am struggling to find a genesis for Annals of a Life-Threatening Postcode, a project unconsciously started thirty years ago and now approaching its zenith. I could use the man at the swimming pool with his whole back tattooed (a rather feminine sun opposite a male moon with furrowed brow and dark clouds sweeping across his face) or the print of Rousseau’s The Waterfall I bought my mother when I was sixteen and it went into the front room of our house in Catford SE6. My parents were keen gardeners and I always saw the picture as an image of the Garden of Eden. It’s in my house now.

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Published in Photoworks Issue 6, 2006

Commissioned by Photoworks

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