A Play in Time Susan Trangmar


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For this Photoworks commission, Susan Trangmar spent a year in St Ann’s Well Gardens, a popular park in the city of Brighton & Hove, once owned by the Victorian film pioneer George Albert Smith. The resulting work is a mesmerizing twenty-five minute film reflecting on contemporary recreation and urban life. A Play in Time is composed of a series of double screen ‘episodes’ of varying lengths, tracing the seasonal changes, the nuances of light, shifting moods and the many informal activities performed in this public space. At times haunting, at others lyrical and life-affirming, the film is a beautiful evocation of the freedom we enjoy in green spaces.

A DVD of the video work is included, along with a selection of film stills, an introduction by Rebecca Drew, exploring the history of St Ann’s Well Gardens, an interview with the artist and critical texts by Prof David Alan Mellor, Dr Claire MacDonald and David Chandler.

Limited edition of 1000

Designed by LOUP
Published in 2008
200mm x 160mm
96 pages
118 colour plates

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