Cast Dryden Goodwin


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Cast brings together commissioned and earlier works to explore the rich dialogues between drawing, photography and video defining Goodwin’s hybrid practice. Often grounded in an experience of the city, Goodwin wrestles with the continually changing nature of our contact with the people around us, both the well known – family and friends – and the anonymous, the strangers we pass on the street. His work marks an intense curiosity, a desire to know, and yet is always alive with ambiguities about what the act of making work might reveal or obscure. Similarly, his work suggests the tensions of a society where fear, suspicion and the ever-present technologies of surveillance increasingly infect the atmosphere of public space, and yet it might also be understood as optimistic, aspiring to forms of empathy and connectedness.

Featuring essays by Steven Bode, Camilla Brown, David Chandler and an interview with the artist.

Published to accompany the exhibition Cast by Dryden Goodwin at The Photographers’ Gallery, London.

Co-published with Steidl

Designed by LOUP
Available signed or unsigned.
Published in 2009
198mm x 297mm
160 pages
39 B & W and 86 colour plates

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