Compost Pictures 2008 – 2009 Nigel Shafran


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Nigel Shafran’s photographs are quiet observations of daily life, often focusing on deliberately low-key subject matter.

Shafran came to prominence in the 1990s for his new approach to Fashion Photography. Since then, he has shifted his attention towards a more intimate relationship between the photographer and the photographed. In his new series

Compost Pictures 2008-9, the subject is a closely framed corner of a kitchen; prominent within each photograph is a small purple bowl, containing organic waste ready for the compost pile. These seemingly simple photographs are understated and gentle in what they convey; it’s possible just to dwell on the domestic detail in each, and also to read with ease a more abstract sense of the movement of time, of light tracing over objects, of time slowed down to a stillness. A sequence of recorded repetitions, these photographs quietly document an enjoyment of the ordinary phenomena of the everyday. Produced to accompany an exhibition at Charleston in Spring 2010.

Limited edition of 1000

Designed by Stephanie Nash, Anthony Michael and Nigel Shafran
Published in 2010
22 pages with pull out
260mm x 210mm

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