Crossing the Water Nicholas Sinclair

This series of twenty-four exquisite black and white duotone photographs are a mediation on the changing atmospheres of one rural site, a lake in West Sussex, that Sinclair has visited since childhood and that holds a sense of mystery and unresolved fascination for him. ‘I began to see the lake as a vast human body, laid flat, and myself as an acupuncturist sensing the meridian points…’.(NS) The photographs were taken as he returned to the place over several years, through different seasons and at different times of the day and take on the form and quality of calligraphy. With an essay exploring the work’s gothic qualities by Professor David Alan Mellor and an afterword by Ian Jeffrey.

Limited edition of 1500

Designed by LOUP
Published in 2002
64 pages
230mm x 230mm
24 duotone plates


Photoworks’ collectable publication – please contact for more information about this title.

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