Culture at Home (2024), Gabrielle de la Puente


A big message in a small space. With this evocative image and text, Gabrielle de la Puente (The White Pube) shares a call for culture at home in the shape of a postcard.

Drawing on her experiences of Long Covid, chronic fatigue and being grounded at home, Gabrielle de la Puente asks, how can art reach more of us? How can we have culture at home?

“How many of us are stuck at home, witnessing other cultures develop in damp corners like terrible durational performances? I want art to share itself. I want art to send me a postcard.” – Gabrielle de la Puente

This postcard was commissioned as part of the Photoworks Summit 2024.

This postcard is available to post to an address of your choosing. Postage costs will be added at check out.

Size: 10.5cm x 14.8cm

Gabrielle de la Puente is a writer based in Liverpool. She co-runs The White Pube with Zarina Muhammad and writes a column titled Culture at Home for Elephant Magazine.


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