Nature Studies Neeta Madhar


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The first publication devoted to the work of British artist Neeta Madahar, this book and DVD focuses on two bodies of works: the first, a series of fifteen colour photographs called Sustenance, was made in 2004, while the other, entitled Falling, comprises a video and five still photographs, co-commissioned by Photoworks, Fabrica and inIVA.

Although very different in form, both Sustenance and Falling are thematically related and, in part, this book attempts to draw out those connections and suggest the wider concerns of an important emerging artist. Both works are a response to nature but both are also finely balanced on a sense of artificiality, on a heightened sense of drama and even fantasy in commonplace situations. It is this detachment, or odd counterpoint to reality that also releases and enriches the works. They resist categorisation, matching something naïve and childlike in their vision to a knowing sophistication that has strong echoes of Surrealism, and that also hints at something darker, more threatening, around and above us.

Published by Photoworks to coincide with the first complete showing of Falling at Fabrica in Brighton during October 2005.

Essays by David Chandler and Carlo McCormick, with a DVD of the film Falling.

Limited edition of 500 includes DVD.

Designed by LOUP
Published in 2005
Softback with DVD
200mm x 155mm
64 pages
32 colour plates

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