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Monograph – Clare Strand
Monograph – Gareth McConnell
Edited Photographs 1992 – 2004 – Nigel Shafran

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Reflecting a time of unprecedented creative energy and diversity in photography, the Photoworks Monograph series surveys the work of the most important emerging photographers in the UK. Comprehensively illustrated, and with specially commissioned texts, these substantial 112-page monographs are the first in-depth study of each artist’s work, acknowledging their achievement to date while introducing their work to a broader audience.

The wit, the irony and perverse logic of Clare Strand’s images, with their continued clashing and mixing up of photographic ideas and sources, has won her an international reputation. Brought together for the first time, this collection of works dwells on the oddity of photography’s strange backwaters, its utilitarian functions and its infiltration of every corner of our lives, to make us question the value and complex meanings of photographic images. This might be simply quirky and strange, but in Strand’s work it is resolved through photographs of incredible quality and genuine originality.

Edited by Rebecca Drew, featuring an introduction by David Chandler, essays by Ute Eskildsen and Ian Jeffrey and an interview with the artist by Dr Chris Mullen.

Co-published with Steidl

Designed by SMITH
Published in 2009
300mm x  230
112 pages  
90 b&w plates, 27 colour plates
ISBN: 978-3-86521-838-4

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