Joachim Schmid Photoworks 1982-2007


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Joachim Schmid’s artistic preoccupations reflect a close observation of photographic history and a fascination with photographic images themselves in all their alternately bizarre and conventionalized aspects. He has amassed a vast collection of vernacular images which form the raw material for many of the works included in this extensive monograph. As Joan Fontcuberta has written, Schmid’s work: ‘has its origins in the idea that excess, waste and rubbish are paradigmatic effects of late capitalism. His projects espouse a kind of photographic ecology, but they are also concerned with the values of the creative experience itself: accumulation, chance, authorship, quality and originality.’

Featuring texts by Stephen Bull, Frits Giertsberg, Joan Fontcuberta, Jan-Erik Lundstrom, Val Williams and John S Weber.

Co-published by Photoworks, Steidl and Tang Museum & Art Gallery.

Designed by LOUP
Published in 2007
260mm x 210mm
288 pages
47 B&W plates, 153 colour plates

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