Tracing Light Garry Fabian Miller


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This beautifully designed book publishes a significant body of work by Garry Fabian Miller made in response to Petworth House and Turner’s legacy, commissioned by Photoworks. Made without a camera the Petworth Windows series takes inspiration from Turner’s fascination with the effects and properties of light,  whilst referencing the extraordinary windows that dominate Petworth’s facade. These abstract works ambiguously evoke a history of heraldic signs and Christian symbolism through the competing energies of darkness and light. The extensive essay by art historian Professor David Alan Mellor explores the cultural geography of Petworth House, an important site of English artistic activity, and follows the discourse of light that threads through its rich history. Topographical photographs of the house were specially commissioned from Nicholas Sinclair to illustrate the text.

Limited edition of 1000.

Designed by Peter Willberg.
Published in 2001
180 pages
210mm x 160mm
60 colour and 20 B&W plates

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