Alexandra Uhart was awarded the first place Photoworks Prize at the 2015 London College of Communication Photography Degree Show for her project Somewhere Here.

Someone Here

Alexandra Uhart’s practice explores the permanent damage caused by human engagement with the environment. In her series Someone Here she portrays their increasingly careless appropriation of the land.

Being of Chilean origin, she is aware of the growing conflict between an economic thirst for copper mining in the North and a desire to preserve the sublime natural assets of the region; a battle that sadly our ecosystem is losing.

The rise of copper mining has led to an increasing amount of people being relocated to the most arid desert in the world, where living conditions are averse.

Within more than five hundred mining sites, a cemetery of plastic bottles and a pile of old tires are mere examples of the negligence that threatens the area. Her work records the ravages caused to the desert’s ecosystem.

Alexandra Uhart is based in London.


See here for more of Alexandra’s work.



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